Are You Ready for the First Mercury Retrograde of the Year?


The first Mercury retrograde of 2021 arrives on January 30 and will remain through February 21st.

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Mercury is the planet that rules communication, technology, commerce, and travel. When it goes retrograde people suffer all sorts of technical issues, miscommunications, financial problems, and other miscellaneous difficulties. That brings much frustration, stress, and interpersonal conflict. But not everything will be bad during the three-week retrograde period, it will also present an opportunity to reflect on life and make positive changes.

This time Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Because it is a fixed air sign it will help people better plan for the long-term. It will gently guide people to make beneficial changes in their wants and priories. In some cases, the power of Aquarius will help individuals welcome new directions and become more flexible.

Sadly, Aquarius won't be responsible for good stuff only. The zodiac sign rules electricity, technology, and the Internet, so expect even more mayhem. Be sure to double-check everything you send via your phone or computer. It is a great idea to back up your phone and computer just to be safe. Hold off on buying any new electronics till the end of Mercury retrograde.

As always, Mercury retrograde is a time to think and plan, it is never a time to act, take chances or make changes. Take a long look at what is happening around you, revisit the past and focus on the future. After Mercury goes direct, use what you learned to reorganize your life and start living your best life. Now is the moment to find closure for past mistakes or to examine and evaluate future plans.

To survive the Mercury retrograde make sure you don’t make any big purchases or life changes. Communicate with the people around you very clearly and be careful to avoid any and all misunderstandings. Furthermore don't start any new relationships, be it friendships, romantic relationships, and business partnerships.

Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio will feel this retrograde the most while Geminis and Libras will be least affected.

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