Jacob Elordi Declined the Role of Superman

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Australian actor Jacob Elordi declined the iconic role of Superman, citing a preference for more grounded and character-driven projects.

Jacob Elordi in Priscilla (2023)

Australian actor Jacob Elordi, best known for his roles in teen drama series Euphoria and romantic comedy The Kissing Booth, revealed that he was once asked to audition for the role of Superman. However, in a surprising move, he turned down it dow.

In a recent interview with GQ, Elordi explained his decision:

"That was immediately, 'No, thank you.' That's too much. That's too dark for me."

In the interview Jacob Elordi expressed his disinterest playing superheroes. He says he is not interested in superhero movies at this stage in his life. The actor goes on to mention that he likes being in movies that he would watch himself and that he gets restless watching superhero films.

“Obviously anything can happen, but at this stage in my life, I don’t see myself having any interest in that. I like to make what I would watch, and I get very restless watching those movies,” said Jacob Elordi.

He insists that he wants to star in films that match his artistic ambitions rather than conform to the expectations of others.

Even if The Kissing Booth and Euphoria made Elordi famous, he admits that these kind of teen movies are not in line with his artistic ambitions. Despite their popularity Elordi refuses to be typecast and seeks out roles that challenged him as an actor.

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