Ana de Armas Fans Sue Universal for Removing Her Scenes From Yesterday

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Fans of Ana de Armas are suing Universal Studios after the actress did not appear in the film Yesterday despite appearing in promotional materials for the film.

Originally, Armas was supposed to appear in the film, but her scenes were removed. However, Armas appears in the trailer in a scene where she and Himesh Patel appear together on the James Corden Show.

Now California resident Michael Rosa and Maryland resident Conor Wolfe are suing Universal, claiming they were tricked into watching Yesterday.

The suit criticizes Universal's decision to include Armas in promotional materials when they removed her from the film. It claims that Universal deliberately made this decision because the other stars were not big enough to attract an audience.

Another argument in the suit is that the Beatles song "Something" is included in the trailer for Yesterday, but it is not included in the final version of the film. By using it in the trailer, the suit claims that Yesterday has once again misled fans into watching the movie.

Rose and Wolfe are seeking $5 million on behalf of California and Maryland residents who paid to watch the film.

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