Rita Ora Ties the Knot: Singer Confirms Marriage to Taika Waititi

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Rita Ora has officially revealed that she and her significant other, Taika Waititi, have tied the knot.

Rita Ora in the music video for You Only Love Me

During an appearance on The Heart Breakfast Show to promote her new song "You Only Love Me," British singer-songwriter Rita Ora confirmed the news of her marriage when asked by the hosts.

"Yes. Here we are," Ora said. "They say everything happens for a reason. I am officially off the market, people."

The singer went on to share about her wedding:

“It was just nice and perfect,” the singer said. “Completely how I wanted it — just to myself sometimes. It was really sweet. … Sorry, it’s not that interesting! One day, we’ll throw a big party. I’ll figure out the time to have a big, big party.”

Ora explained that the video for "You Only Love Me" is her version of a wedding that didn't go as planned, and that she was playing off the rumors surrounding her marriage.

“When all the sort of rumors came out, like is she [married]? Is she not? I wanted to play on it,” the singer explained. “So this is my version of a wedding that didn’t really go to plan. That’s my music video. But that’s not to say that what actually happened. But I did wanna play on the fact that I’ve chosen to keep it kind of more private, this sort of experience that I had, and just to myself a bit more, but I did wanna play on what could have been, so this is what I’m giving to the public on what could have been.”

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi were first romantically linked in April 2021. They made their red carpet debut as a couple at the premiere of Suicide Squad in July 2021.

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