Ryan Reynolds Takes a Swing at Hugh Jackman as He Gears Up for Deadpool 3

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The competition is on between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman to see who can get the biggest muscles for Deadpool 3.

© Instagram / Don Saladino

On Friday, the Deadpool star, 46, shared aphoto posted by his trainer, Don Saladino, of him training for the movie. In the snap, he can be seen lifting two 60-pound barbells in each hand, showing off his big muscles.

"I'm not training for Deadpool," Reynolds wrote on his Instagram story. "I'm training to spend several months with @thehughjackman - who's not as nice as everyone thinks."
© Instagram / Hugh Jackman

Jackman, 54, couldn't help but respond with a joke of his own, reposting the story and adding an "Ur cute" sticker with a heart.

In September, Jackman and Reynolds announced in a video posted to Twitter that Wolverine would be appearing in the highly anticipated Deadpool 3.

Since the announcement, the actors have continued their playful feud, mirroring that of their characters Deadpool and Wolverine. Jackman noted that the two Marvel superheroes are "opposites" and "hate each other" in the upcoming sequel.

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