The December New Moon Brings Huge Changes


The New Moon on December 4 will be dramatic and bring much-needed change to some people's lives.

Lunar Eclipse 2018
Lunar Eclipse 2018 © Farzad Mohsenvand

The New Moon is a time for beginnings, innovation, and aspirations. It is a time to begin new experiences, projects, and activities. Since New Moons signal the beginning of a new lunar cycle, they are associated with origins and renewal. The December 2021 New Moon will encourage us to be open to new possibilities and needed changes.

Although eclipses are particularly dramatic, the universe will take on a more optimistic and serene tone with the upcoming new moon on December 4. It is also a solar eclipse, a celestial phenomenon known for bringing unexpected changes, thoughts, and revelations. As the new moon falls under the sign of Sagittarius, our mindset should reflect the optimistic energy of this zodiac sign. The spiritual significance of Sagittarius has to do with truth, knowledge, and the development of new ideas. It's time to be a little bolder, break free from the normal, and start something that inspires you.

When the new moon coincides with a solar eclipse, the impact of the moment intensifies, amplifying your desire to realize your deepest passions and take the initiative to set out on a radically new path. This dark, empty sky can almost serve as a blackboard on which you can write your aspirations, dreams, and goals. Due to the influence of Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter, this New Moon solar eclipse has a somewhat happy and upbeat vibe and will make you super optimistic about the future.

© Mohamed Nohassi

This New Moon in Sagittarius will rise with Mercury, the planet of communication. That can help us think more clearly about our emotions during the new moon and get through the more difficult moments of the eclipse with more comprehensive reasoning. We will be more willing to communicate in an uncensored, fun, opinionated way. The New Moon will also make a quincunx with Uranus, the planet of rapid change and rebellion. That can make you experience strange nervous energy that will make us feel tense, anxious, and confused. Don't let Uranus confuse you, but take a good look at what thoughts are bothering you and use the energy of the December New Moon to deal with them.

Overall the December New Moon will bring relief, freedom, and change. New Moons in Sagittarius often require you to define your truth and show what you feel without a filter, regardless of everyone else. Don't be afraid to take a risk and volunteer for a task outside your comfort zone. That could be your moment to shine. Don't be scared to embrace change. It's time to show the world your true self.

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