Samsung’s New Remote Uses Your Router to Charge Itself

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In recent years, Samsung's remotes have become increasingly eco-friendly. Last year, the company added a solar panel to the back of its Eco Remotes for its latest TVs. In 2022, Samsung is adding a new feature to its remotes: radiofrequency harvesting - the ability to draw power wirelessly from routers' radio waves.

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The remote will still be drawing power from the sun during the day, but it will also get small amounts of energy from radio waves. According to Samsung, this will allow people to keep their remote fully charged at all times, whether they're watching TV during the day or at night. As with the first eco remote, the goal is to have no single-use batteries. Previously, Samsung estimated that switching to solar-powered remotes could prevent the dumping of 99 million batteries over seven years.

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Like the previous remote, the new one will be made from recycled materials. It will also be available in a new white color in addition to last year's black. In addition to the new option to draw power wirelessly from radio waves, the remote will be able to be charged from either an external or internal light or via USB-C.

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