HBO Working On Three More Game of Thrones Prequels

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HBO is developing three more Game of Thrones prequel series.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO is developing a trio of new ideas set in the fantasy world of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. All of the projects take place before Game of Thrones. The three new prequel series include 9 Voyages, FleaBottom and 10,000 Ships.


9 Voyages

One of the projects, working title 9 Voyages, will follow Lord Corlys Velaryon, also known as Sea Snake. It will focus on his great voyages at sea made aboard the Sea Snake ship. Corlys is married to Rhaenys Targaryen (know as the Queen Who Never Was) and a pivotal player in The Dance of the Dragons. His nine voyages took him to everywhere in the world of Game of Thrones from Pentos and Ly, the fabled lands of Yi Ti and Leng, and even beyond the Wall. His voyages made House Velaryon one of the most influential and prosperous houses in Westeros, wealthier than even the Lannisters. 9 Voyages hails from Rome co-creator Bruno Heller.

The character of Corlys Velaryon will also appear in the upcoming House of the Dragon. There he is played by Steve Toussaint.

Flea Bottom

Flea Bottom would focus on the poorest district of King’s Landing. This area of the capital city of the Seven Kingdoms is a maze of unpaved streets and dark alleys filled with brothels and other shady businesses. No writer is attached to Flea Bottom.

10,000 Ships

10,000 Ships will focus on the warrior queen Princess Nymeria. She journeyed with the Rhoynar to Dorne from Essos following their defeat by the Valyrian Freehold in the Second Spice War. In Dorne, she marries Lord Mors Martell, and the two create the House Nymeros Martell. After years of war, Nymeria became the ruling Princess of Dorne. The 10,000 Ships working title is probably based on the in-universe legend that Nymeria commanded a fleet of ten thousand ships. Arya Stark names her direwolf Nymeria after the legendary princess in Game of Thrones. No writer is attached to 10,000 Ships.

Game of Thrones spinoff series in development

HBO has previously announced three Game of Thrones spinoff series in development: House of the Dragon, Tales of Dunk & Egg and an untitled animated series.

House of the Dragon is set 300 years before Game of Thrones, and it focuses on the epic civil war known as The Dance of the Dragons. The series will begin filming in the UK in April. Paddy Considine will star as King Viserys Targaryen, Matt Smith will portray Prince Daemon Targaryen, Emma D’Arcy will star as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, and Olivia Cooke will portray Alicent Hightower. The series is from co-showrunners Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan Condal. House of the Dragon is expected to premiere in 2022.

Another HBO project previously reported in development is based on Tales of Dunk & Egg. It is set 90 years before Game of Thrones the series and follows the knight Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire Egg, who will one day be King Aegon V Targaryen. An untitled animated series is also in development.

HBO Is Working on a New Game of Thrones Prequel

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HBO Is Working on a New Game of Thrones Prequel

HBO is developing a new Game of Thrones prequels based on George R.R. Martin’s series of fantasy novellas - Tales of Dunk & Egg.

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